"Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." Susan Bremer-O'Neill has examined and documented her life like a scientist without judgment. None of us are born with a roadmap for our lives. We are at the mercy of our immediate care givers and our environment to form our beliefs about who we are. The fast pace of life makes it challenging to stop and contemplate who we are and where we are going until we are forced to stop and ask, "how did I get here?"
We all have an inner voice but not all of us slow down long enough to hear it and less are likely to trust it. Susan afforded herself the time and space to go on a self discovery quest. We all owe it to ourselves to find that quiet space in nature or on a therapist's couch to do the same.

Susan has done a great job of going within and at times checking out in order to re-route her journey and eventually come out the other side. Susan's life story is a great inspiration to all who read her book!"


"Ok, I'm a guy and I'm a little embarrassed about how much I enjoyed this book. Although it is a memoir from a very personal female perspective, I loved it. I read Susan's book in preparation for my podcast where I had her as my guest. It was very well written and I was captivated to find out how she went from a scientist to a stripper. Her journey really shows how someone can overcome addiction, low self-esteem, and abuse to become a confident, influential business person. A message that any gender can benefit greatly from."


"TA magnificent story of Susan’s journey that has gone full circle, proving that inner strength, diligence and discipline win’s over and over. There are so many wonderful life lessons in her story – it doesn’t matter that her path was very different from many other women – what Susan struggled with are what many of us struggle with at all ages, and we all can learn so much from this! I encourage every woman – (and men too!) to read this story"


"More than entertaining, this book is one that will empower young adult girls and women to recognize the self-appeal within. Overcoming addiction, abusive relationships, societal judgment and negative body image is what the author successfully accomplished and is within the grasp of every reader. As a guest on my Bringing Inspiration To Earth Show, Susan Bremer O'Neill demonstrated compassion, knowledge and honesty with the sole purpose of helping women live a happier, more fulfilling life!"