Love around you starts within you

When I was single, I felt bad at this time of year, February, Valentine's Day.  It seemed like everyone was in a relationship but me.  Now that I'm married I have someone to spend it with, but to be honest, often I have to plan what we're doing.  My husband is amazing, but our romance isn't anything like the commercials or Hollywood would have you think it "should" be.  

Each person and relationship is different and if you really want to have every day be Valentine's Day, look around at all the love you do have in your life.  Check out the blog I wrote a few years ago, "Every Day Can be Valentine's Day Whether You're in a Relationship or Not" for fun and new ideas on how to find the love in your life today.  And connect to other women and pay attention to your feelings.  At our core we women (men too) are all the same.  We can all learn from each other.  In the video that follows, I share something that initially disturbed me although ultimately brought me to a better place of self-awareness, and understanding—eventually leading to more self appeal, self-love and love from others!  Happy Valentine’s Day!