Have you Played at Love Today?

Whatever attracts you to that special person in the first place, the next stage is usually fun.   That’s part of the magic of a new love relationship.  You romp, explore, and there is hope for what will be.  You play together.

It’s important to continue that play in your relationship throughout it’s entire life in order to have it be successful.  It helps you endure the challenges of living with another person day to day and navigating responsibility and reality.

Looking into yourself to know what helps you laugh is crucial.  Your play will be unique to you and your partner, but one key to what might be fun in your long-term relationship, is what was fun for you when you began the relationship.  It took me a long time to figure out what helped me laugh and find a mate, and today we work at staying close and having fun.  My husband and I laugh a lot—the silliness of our animals help with that.  

What makes you laugh?  Here’s a short video that I hope will help you smile and remind you how important play is in every relationship but especially in your love relationship.  After you watch it, make a list of what helps you laugh, especially what helps you laugh at life and with your partner.  

Then, make the time, and go play!