Throw a farewell party that brings you closer to people

Relationships with people can be difficult and challenging.  You may turn to other relationships such as those with food, shopping, money, even objects like cars and especially pets, in place of human interactions.  

It’s important to take a close look at these other relationships and how they may be hindering the successful relationships you really want.  Feeling seen, heard and speaking your truth is paramount to relationship success but the dichotomy is that if you’re turning to these other things because you’re not getting basic needs met in your human relationships, relationships with these other substances prevent you from getting your basic needs met from people that much more.  

Many women confess, myself included, to stress eating, food being a replacement for or anesthetizing agent because of human interactions, whether they’re work, family or love relationships.  I know this first-hand.  In my memoir From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal I write about moving around in the military so often as a child that it became painful to get close to people so I turned to substances, food, and pets for comfort.  Interactions with these other things became my primary relationships.  And, as you would probably reason, giving up any friend is hard and any long-term distraction (or addiction) used in place of human interactions is especially hard.

It’s time to let go of these old friends. Thrown them a party and say goodbye to be present and connected to human friends in your life today!  Relationships with people, while often more challenging than those with the other objects, are still our best source of pleasure. It’s only in relationships with others that we will truly be heard and seen and ultimately find ourselves.