Become a scientist of self to have your best life possible


If there is anything at all in your life that's causing you pain or discomfort, to doubt yourself, or to worry, it’s important to look within in order to change it.  It’s the only way it will change.  

Recently, the question posed to me was, “Can you call yourself a scientist if your degree was in laser technology?”  Being a woman who strives to do the “right” thing, I’d explored the definition of scientist previously, but I looked once again just to be sure. 

On Wikipedia I learned that “A scientist, in a broad sense, is one engaging in a systematic activity to acquire knowledge. In a more restricted sense, a scientist is an individual who uses the scientific method.”  On I also found a blog by Alex Brown, the title explaining it all, “Anyone dedicated to curiosity, experimentation and evidence can call themselves a scientist.”

For nine years I helped build then run the Nova Laser System at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the world’s most powerful laser system at that time.  Using scientific formulas and physics theory we aligned hundred-pound optics, worked with complicated electronic systems and utilized precision computers to conduct experiments, all with the goal of creating nuclear fusion. I was an integral part of setting up the system for these experiments and worked closely with engineers and physicists.

My greatest scientific exploration though is as a mature woman who’s no longer involved with optics, electronics and laser beams.  Becoming and continuing to be a Scientist of Self is difficult at times, yet much more rewarding and purposeful than being a scientist of any other subject.  Our lives start within.  It benefits you to become this Scientist of Self too.

  • stop blaming others and thinking things are done to you, instead taking responsibility to transform your victim mentality into a creator mentality
  • ask yourself “why” whenever you have uncomfortable, negative or destructive feelings, regardless what incident these feelings arise from
  • explore your motivations and reactions so you have the power of choice to take actions that uplift and support your self-image, self-confidence, and self-respect

This was imperative for me to do as written about in my memoir, From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal: One Woman’s Journey to Recover Her Body Her Sexuality, Her Self, to not only overcome drug and alcohol dependency, but also to eliminate other addictions such as food, exercise, money, relationships, approval-seeking and other-centered validation. Being this Scientist of Self I found what was true and right for me; I found authentic creativity, passion, love for my body and ability to speak my voice so I could be in an intimate loving relationship that withstands the challenges of life.

You can too. It takes great courage and fortitude to become an explorer of yourself, but I guarantee there’s no other journey more important—if you truly want to have happiness, peace and your best relationships possible.