A Book to Illuminate Inner Beauty

Susan Bremer, 1993You probably don’t see your external beauty. 


Many women don’t.


I never saw mine.


The relationship with yourself is the most intimate relationship you’ll ever have, the only really lasting relationship, the relationship that all your other relationships are based on, and yet this is probably the most misunderstood, neglected, rejected, and confusing of all your relationships.  


My memoir, From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal, was an idea long before any order came to its pages.  I’d even graduated from college in 1998 after studying writing, but at that time I was trying to put a book together in someone else’s way.  This has always been the case, being a woman who’s struggled with perfectionism, but it isn’t conducive to writing a good book, much less an honest authentic one.  


In 2006 I started writing snippets of my life to understand and make order out of what I’d learned.  Then I had to order this very personal story in a way that was orderly and that might help bring order to someone else’s life.  The chapter construction leads you through the natural progression I used to develop the relationship with myself.


You may have outer beauty that others recognize, and we all have inner beauty that, if not readily apparent, is at least capable of being cultivated.  It’s important to acknowledge both and nurture the thoughts and increase the actions and words that help you feel beautiful about you, your inner beauty.  That’s the beauty that draws others to you in a positive way.  That’s the beauty that helps you relax into and really appreciate your outer beauty as well.