Sometimes you just have to do what you're not supposed to do

Nearly ten years ago, I met Gloria Steinem after a Vagina Monologue performance.  I’d read that she’d just gotten married so I congratulated her on her nuptials.  She offered, “Sometimes you just have to do what you’re not supposed to do.”

I’m an introvert.  In my home, alone with my thoughts, I’m safe.  So why would I choose to bring personal revealing experiences out in my new memoir?
I started writing simply to understand my life.  My experiences had helped me own and value my body, which in turn had helped me own and value my thoughts and past without shame. They helped me become more whole, more creative, and more intuitive.  They brought me lasting love within my family and with a husband.  I'd needed to make some order of them to understand them fully.


Then I continued writing so that others might catch a glimpse of how to create their own self-love and hopefully sidestep confusion and heartache in their lives while navigating life, love and relationships.


From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal fulfills a lifelong dream to publish although I’ve written something I didn’t feel I was supposed to write.  In my wildest dreams I never would have chosen to write about sexuality, but that's where this processed lead me.  


I’m a writer. I relish in the process.  I enjoy sitting and thinking and creating. Perhaps that’s the very reason why I wrote it.  Honest writers don’t shy away from uncomfortable subjects.  They may even go looking for them.