Real Men Want Real Women

I recently had the privilege of seeing Gloria Steinem, Robin Morgan and Jane Fonda on CBS speaking about the Women’s Media Center.  It’s a great project, and it was inspiring to see Gloria and be introduced to Robin Morgan, but I was stunned when the camera panned to Jane Fonda.

In my opinion, her cosmetic procedures have altered her appearance too much. Gloria Steinem, on the other hand, who, while being seventy-nine and who has probably had cosmetic work done as well, still puts forth a realistic presentation of a woman who has lived and learned, and this image contributes to my impression of her as still being wise and worthy to listen to.  Likewise, Robin Morgan also looks like she has experience and is therefore credible to my eyes.

I feel sorry for Jane Fonda, just as I feel sorry for myself and every other woman who looks at her physical appearance and thinks she needs to go under the knife or get the botox needle. It’s especially hard for women who have been beautiful and who have made their money off their looks. I get this. I made money using my appearance as an exotic dancer for almost ten years, lasting into my early forties.  Today, I see my youth fading and I’m a stereotypical woman who, if I don’t stay vigilant, can fixate on my appearance and what I think is wrong with it.  It’s imperative though, to our health as women, as a culture and for our younger sisters, that as many of us that can, role model healthy realistic aging.  My Natural Beauties page was formulated to honor and give women role models who haven't altered their appearance. These are the women who have the courage and confidence to be engaged in life with passion and zest at any age, and by bravely showing who they are, they boost not only their own confidence and esteem, but every other woman's as well.

Besides, I know first hand after talking with thousands of men and being in my own relationship with a wise loving man, what real men want.  They don’t want the woman who has been so plasticized and stretched that she’s completely wrinkle free. Striving for perfection on the outside just buries the wrinkles inside, as written about in my previous blog, Aging isn’t an Illness. Real men need real women who are authentic, honest, and truly present in their own body and skin, as their real selves. 

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